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Supply and Install for £1375 with chimney liner and fittings.

The Hobbit stove is an independently certified quality small cast iron stove that provides 4kw’s of efficient clean burning warmth.

Traditional and elegant, the Hobbit stove has good looks combined with excellent performance. This makes it a small stove that is rapidly gaining a reputation for its quality, it’s cuteness and superb value for money.

Our aim was to design and make a stove that whilst small, was still all in proportion. A small stove but with all of the attributes of larger stoves engineered in to a smaller package. A combination of a cute form with excellent function.

Only 302mm wide, 272mm deep and 465mm high the Hobbit can fit in small fireplaces, shepherds huts, canal boats, garden rooms, tiny homes and any situation where space is at a premium.

Hobbit installations can include a variety of scenarios and the compact nature of the stove makes it ideal for stove installations where space is restricted. Visit our case study page to see the Hobbit installed in a number of different locations. The complimentary blend of traditional elegance and modern styling making it suitable for this wide range of decor situations.

Many traditional small fireplaces, especially those converted to gas, need widening to incorporate a wood stove. The small footprint of the Hobbit means that it can be installed into a small fireplace without the need for remedial building works.

The Hobbit incorporates pre-heated secondary combustion technology, ensuring excellent clean burning and glass air wash efficiency, designed to ensure that the maximum energy potential of every log or lump of coal is harnessed, a multi fuel stove that will deliver a reliable heat source with an accurate degree of control, economy and environmental awareness.

    • Supply Stove only RRP £475